Rent-A-Bench- On Request

Detailed description

The Bower Reuse and Repair centre is an organisation dedicated to preventing perfectly good items from going to landfill.

At The Bower Woodworks we do everything we can to achieve this goal. We repair or redesign goods that just need a little work, we teach woodworking and repair classes, and we try to make the space available to those who are similarly minded.

Available Times:

Tuesdays-Thursdays 10am-5pm

Fridays 12pm-8pm

Saturdays, Sundays, and Public holidays on request with a minimum of 3 bookings

You get access to:

-All of our tools and equipment

-A bench of your own

-Some materials and consumables

-Guidance or assistance from our Workshop Manager and staff

The only rule we have is that you use 90% secondhand materials. Repair jobs are always accepted.

[If you are a member of The Bower, you are entitled to a discounted price for renting a bench. Please contact us for more details]

Terms & conditions

-Must wear close toed shoes at all times in the workshop.

-For insurance purposes, you must sign in and out with every use of the space.

-Must abide by all requests made from the Workshop Manager or other Bower staff.

-Must use appropriate safety equipment at all times, and not use the space or equipment until an appropriate induction has been conducted by Bower staff regardless of previous experience.

-Must use 90% secondhand materials.