Urmila Kandpal

I am mostly a self taught and partially google taught cook. I love experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. Mother earth has so much to offer that IMHO there'll hardly be anyone who has tried all she has to offer. When I moved out of home and went to college, I struggled a lot with finding a place where I could eat simple yet rich home made food. I and my roomie decided we'd cook for ourselves and then is when I had my first tryst with cooking.

It was not all hunky dory, I had my share of failures but it always taught me one another way of not doing it. There were numerous phone calls to mum, youtube videos, online recipes etc etc. With all due respect they did help a lot, but I struggled when their recipes called for ingredients not available to me locally, who do I quickly ask for a substitute? I am in the middle of making something and it doesn't look good, who do I ask ? So over a period of time I learnt that mastering the basics is the key. Easy recipes teach you a lot.

I learnt the hard way but I enjoyed each bit of that journey.

So for people like my younger self who are new to Indian cooking and dont know where to start, I would love to share what I know and have learnt with you guys.


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