Learn how to make an authentic Indian curry - on request

Detailed description

*1.5-2hr cooking tuition

*Alexandria near Australian Technology Park, Redfern

*request what you want to learn

Want to learn how to make an authentic vegetarian and vegan Indian curry but don't know where to start? You can now request what you want to learn from me and we can organise a 2hr tuition in my home in Alexandria/Redfern. I will let you know if what you have requested is doable in the 2hr time slot- we can add or take away an hour.

Things you could request may be:

-basic knife skills

-basic Indian curries (making aloo gobi, aloo mattar or really anything you have in your fridge or freezer!)

-making base Indian curry sauces

-how to combine things from the fridge to make a delicious meal

-basic urban composting

But its really up to you. Get in contact and we'll go from there!

-All ingredients, tools and equipment can be provided. This needs to be discussed with me first though to ensure I have enough time to procure the ingredients.

-In the interest of not cluttering the benches, we will be cleaning our bowls and utensils while the main is cooking.

Terms & conditions


Please message me for cancellations. Conditions for cancellation are as follows.

-full refund if attendance is cancelled more than 1 week out from the class

-no refund if attendance is cancelled less than 72h before the class start