Improve your cooking & baking skills - 2hr - On request

Detailed description

*2hr cooking tuition


*request what you want to learn

Want to improve your cooking skills but don't know where to start? You can now request what you want to learn from me and we can organise a 2hr tuition in my home in Oatley. I will let you know if what you have requested is doable in the 2hr time slot- we can add or take away an hour.

Think of me as your grandmother, giving you neat tips and tricks as we cook great meals together!

Things you could request may be:

-basic knife skills

-basic baking skills (making sponge or butter cakes, pastry, souffles, piping, pies, biscuits)

-making base sauces (tomato, white sauce) and how to adapt them to make pastas, lasagnes, stews etc

-how to combine things from the fridge to make a delicious meal

But its really up to you. Get in contact and we'll go from there!

Terms & conditions

Bookings will only be accepted at least 48 hrs before an agreed class time. For example if you want to have a class on a Saturday at 12 pm then the latest you can book is Thursday 12pm.

A class is only officially confirmed once you have made payment online. If a payment is not received at least 48 hrs before the agreed class time, that class is considered void.


Please message me for cancellations. Conditions for cancellation are as follows.

-full refund if attendance is cancelled more than 1 week out from the class

-50% refund if attendance is cancelled between 7 days and 48h before class

-no refund if attendance is cancelled less than 48h before the class start