Kiln Firing - On Request

Detailed description

If you enjoy making pottery at home but don't own a suitable kiln to fire your work, then here at Claypool we have a solution for you.

With sufficient notice, we can arrange for you to book one of our small kilns in between our production runs for firing your own work exclusively.

The small kiln has the following internal dimensions:

Width - 30cm

Depth - 30cm

Height - 38cm

Bigger kiln dimensions and prices available on request.

The price indicated is for the use of the entire kiln and includes bisque and glaze firing.

Terms & conditions

- A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for all bookings.

- Your clay pieces to be fired are to be delivered to our studio the day before the booked bisque firing date.

- We reserve the right to refuse any booking request.

- Buff Raku Trachyte (BRT) or Earthenware pieces cannot be accepted.

- No responsibility is accepted for damage to your clay pieces during storage, loading or unloading of the kiln.

- Any damage caused to the kiln or kiln equipment as a result of running glaze or faulty workmanship is payable by the hirer.