Casual Beginner Pottery Class - Tuesday & Saturdays

Detailed description

Is working with clay is something you have always wanted to try? Or do you do a bit of pottery at home and you want to start experimenting with working on a wheel?

We run class sessions every Tuesday at 6:15pm and Saturdays at 11:00am where we can teach you a range of techniques including:

- How to wedge the clay

- How to centre The clay

- Pulling the clay into your desired shape

- Trimming of your thrown shapes

- Preparation for firing

- Decoration & application of glazes


To cover all the techniques listed above, 3 sessions will be required in our studio.

Each class is 2.5 hours in duration and includes the firing of your creation if you wish.


- Personal instruction

- Clay

- Potters Wheel

- Shaping & forming tools

- Glazes

- Firing


- Clothes you are comfortable to get dirty

- Closed toe shoes

- Hair tied back

Terms & conditions


Please message me for cancellations. Conditions for cancellation are as follows:

- Full refund if attendance is cancelled more than 1 week out from the class

- No refund if attendance is cancelled less than 1 week before the class start