Wood turning / power carving

Detailed description

The session will be tailored to your needs. From beginners learning to make bowls, platters or other projects to more advanced turnings like the intricacies of German ring turning and mastering design aesthetics. A basic bowl will take about 1-2 hours for a beginner. Carving embellishment and other carving projects are quite varied in time.

Timber is not included in the cost. I can supply timber at a cost or for more options, I highly recommend Trend Timbers which is 15min away. They have a great supply of bowl blanks and other pieces of timber.

Terms & conditions

I have fairly flexible hours and will do my best to fit in to your schedule however my work load can come in big waves.

Wood working of any form has its risks. I do have face shields and other safety equipment and will be supervising the entire time to ensure safe practices.

I look forward to working together