Treehouse workshop - On Request

Detailed description

Everyone loves a treehouse right, something about that small private space suspended in the foliage feels delightful, childlike, other worldly. You can build a family by building a treehouse together as well as creating an outdoor space to draw them away from the screen inside! Others just want a reading and reflection retreat space. The ambitious might want a spare sleeping space, and why not throw in a suspension bridge! But where do you start?

Workshops. I offer regular treehouse workshops at my own home to get you inspired. We assess suitable trees, look at various attachment options, use some basic power tools, and problem solve your personal treehouse challenge.

Design and build. I have been building my own treehouses for over two decades and consulting and building with others. Recycled materials preferred. Check out

Terms & conditions

Workshops are carried out at my personal home in Coledale. $60 covers a three hour workshop minimum of 4 starters on a weekend afternoon from 2-5pm including afternoon tea. Join a group, or make up your own group. Bring the kids for inspiration.

Design and construct. Note, there are no building codes for a treehouse in Australia and council will not formally approve these! Any builds will be at your own risk and I supply the building code for decks you must comply with. You are strongly advised to engage with your neighbours and ensure the treehouse does not disturb privacy.

$95 will engage me in initial consultation on site and sketches made. Following this, an additional $105 will have detailed drawing, materials list, pricing. Onsite labour is at $40/hr. Gift vouchers for the initial consultation are available online to help someone get started!