Basic Joinery Techniques (Small Door Series) - On Request

Detailed description

The first of the Small Door Series is an activity suitable for beginner where you build a miniaturised door using all the same joinery techniques used in any door and a lot of other furniture construction.

The first of the Small Door Series (there are four in total) involves making a small door (approximately 180mm x 250mm in size) with a sunken loose panel in the middle. The frame is constructed using mortice and tennon joints with the short mortice and tennons pinned on the ends (typical to construction of the 17th century ). The frame is decorated with a stopped chamfer and the entire piece is then fine sanded for polish.

The lesson takes approximately 3 hours and the wood and tools required are provided.

Once the first Small Door is completed, you can then move on to the second, third and fourth doors which teach other methods of construction which you can use in your own projects.

On the day please bring:

* Your own safety glasses

* Wear clothes you are comfortable to get a little dirty in the workshop

* Closed toe shoes

If you wish to use your own tools, you are welcome to bring them.

Terms & conditions

Please take note of the following terms:

- Upon making your request, I will check if I am free to have you join me in my workshop. Unfortunately, there may be times where I will not be able to accommodate you.

- You understand and agree that there are risks involved in woodworking and that you agree to release me from any and all liability, including financial responsibility and consequential losses for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

If for some reason you can't make an agreed time, please message me. If an alternative time can't be arranged, conditions for cancellation are as follows:

- Full refund if attendance is cancelled more than 48 hours before the agreed time.

- No refund if attendance is cancelled less than 48 hours before the agreed time.