Kristen here.

I am a furniture designer maker under the alias SneakyB.

I am a trade qualified joiner that loves to make furniture out or recycled/ reclaimed materials. The material I work with is mainly timber but I have made pieces out of metals, concrete and dabble in upholstery as well. The beauty of working with reclaimed materials is that you never know what the piece is going to look like until you are finished, and once completed you have a completely unique product that can never be reproduced.

I have been making furniture for 16 years and want to share my knowledge of making stuff with people. There is nothing quite like making something yourself. It's so much more than just learning making skills.

I am offering one on one or a small group lessons (to make things more cost effective)

Each lesson will include:

- A workshop where we can make noise and mess

- Access to machinery, power tools and hand tools

- PPE (ear plugs, gloves, safety glasses, dust mask)

- Into to design - how we are going to make your idea (ergonomics / material choices / shape & feel)

- A basic lesson on drawing your idea so we can build it and create a cut list

- One on One hand's on making skills


The supply of the materials required for the classes is not included, in the price. I can supply the necessary materials for an additional fee or I can advise you on the materials to bring with you to the class.

The option to do a scavenger day at the local tip to source materials is available.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

You can see some of the things i have made via the below links:

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